Sunday, 17 September 2017

Matts space walker

G'Day all
                 Long time no write. As we all know the weather has been a bit wet,windy and wild.
this sunday we had our GM and elected a new committee member Matt J. Thanks to fred for cooking
a big and great lunch and to members for turn up in such wet conditions. Hope you enjoy the vids that
will be posted in the future.

Matts space walker

Ben with his nitro heli

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Fred C Tri plane

Martin's Tri 60 trainer

Dav & Fred C with uncle bob. Sorry about the video

Dav T 700 nitro heli flown at different field

Fred C landing his red zepher

Martin T with his foamy Phoenix glider

Martin T's Phoenix


Matt J flying his sky raider

A rare site Control line flying

Chris H flying his twin engine bomber

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

G Day all
                As you know the wind plays a big part in or hobby so it's been a while since we've flown. Sunday was a nice day wind was low and sun not to bright
Matt J getting his war bird ready but later in the day it had a radio glitch and you can guess the ending. Matt did have a good flying his dragon lady.
Fred C brought out uncle bob after he had to repair one wing and under carriage after a heavy landing weeks ago
Ben has this electric trainer set up with FPV which works very well. Mick S was right into it as well as you can see and Rod S was his spotter

Mick S's FPV gear
I hope to put video's on youtube in the future

Test YouTUBE link

Gday all

Just testing YouTUBE linking abilities

Saturday, 25 March 2017

G'Day All
                  Beautiful day clear skies around 30K winds but did get rather warm mid afternoon. At the field was Fred C, Mick S, Matt J, Bobby H, Rod S,Ben ?and Martin T sorry ben
Bobby H with his little HK biplane being launched off the ski ramp with Ben looking on. Check out the next pic

Rob S getting back into flying after a bit of a break. Flying a speed air 40 doing a good job too
Matt J with his katana first flite with a dle30. Not good lost power on take off.
Fred C Didn't getting much flying in that day Martin T has been getting him to test out his new Sky Bolt and guess what next week you have a mew gull to test as well. LOL

Friday, 10 March 2017

G' Day All
                  Sorry it's been a while since i posted a blog. But i have been busy.
Here's a few pics of the past few weeks

Here's Fred C with a big bi plane
Matt J with some new big planes

Fred C and Martin T went flying today Fred C with his tri plane and Martin T with his new bi plane.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

G'Day all
 Some of these pics are from last week. The day was bright and sun and very little wind till late in the afternoon when it blow up to around 30kmh.
Here we have bobby H flying his 500 heli

 Fred C getting the dragon lady ready for a work out
 Mick S starting up his ever reliable BI plane and went well

 Bobby H with his fleet of heli's and planes
 Matt J getting the war bird ready to go up and dragon lady his having a rest
 It's to the stage of more trailers than wagons, but the models are getting bigger
Dav has a worried look on his face but he shouldn't fred's got hold of it. Dav hasn't flown for quite a while. He did alright

Saturday, 21 January 2017

G'Day All
                Another nice day for flying the wind kicked up a bit later in the afternoon. The flies
were a bit thick but over all not a bad day.
Rod S turned up with a HK gyro copter and was having a ball with it very impressive little chopper
Matt J with some of planes he flew that day and they all went well. Matt tries to fly every plane he
brings at lest once.   

Bobby H knows how to pack a lot of stuff in a small car. And don't forget check your batteries before you leave a small joke.

                                                                           Bobby is the battery man after all.


 Here's A face we don't see a lot of Trevor B.
Trevor is here to check out his planes for a texico and duration event he has entered for next week. Good luck trevor.

And of course last but not lest Fred C. Fred had a bit of a rough landing earlier and didn't notice that the back of the wing had come apart.Next flite it played up bringing it in to discover that the wing should have parted company with the fuse but didn't, all i can say fred is your a gentle flyer yer right how many barrel rolls and tight loops you where blessed LOL. 


Thursday, 5 January 2017

G'Day All
                Hope everyone had a good break and got every thing they wished for,i did. I won't be posting anymore short videos as they don't seem to be working. Yesterday was sunny little cloud and light wind beautiful day for flying.
Matt J setting up one of his war birds and in the back ground is his new dragon lady. Below is his old faithful sky raider

If your not happy with it matt just sell it. don't break it.LOL

Fred C loves flying his dragon lady it's a fun plane to fly.
Fred C with his old tri plane taking off and landing i think, fred it has got wheels

Fred with a collection of some of his planes and blake in the back ground.
Dav T with 700 align nitro giving it a fine tune before throwing it around the sky and that he did.
Martin T with a maestro on it second flite and went well. The first flite it crashed some one forgot to glue the other side of the elevator hinges guess who.

Friday, 23 December 2016

G' Day All
                  Well it's time of year again, so from all committee members to all members, families and friends have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and keep it safe. Hope 2017 is better flying weather.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


G'Day all
                Sorry about the late blog had alot going on.
  Ok Xmas barbie went well good food,weather and company. Guests were Fred C,Mike S,Bob H,Martin T,Brad C, Rebecca C and Alex C. Special thanks to fred for the food and cooking, tamara h for the potatoe salard and suzanne s for the scones,jam and cream.

  Bobby H enjoys flying his small electric stick
 Rebecca and alex c checking over the zepher before take off
Mike S having a cuppa before flying his bi plane
Fred C looking busy as usual.

Alex's war bird after he gave it a hard time it decided to do a wing slap.